"Woman Owned Business"

The TRAF Group is a woman-owned business and home to both A-1 Collection Service  and Credit America. This corporate structure allows us to offer a robust, flexible suite of services to clients in the healthcare, retail, commercial, and government markets.

Utilizing our “Blueprint for Success,” we provide solutions that are designed to improve cash flow and customer and patient relationships. The leadership team at the TRAF Group has more than 30 years of earned collection experience. We embrace a positive philosophy about the services we provide — and it shows — in our results and in our client renewal rates.

What We Do

First Party Call Center
Let Credit America help you prevent collection problems. Our professional staff is trained to optimize your accounts receivable and is dedicated to doing just that – making and receiving calls seamlessly in your corporate name.... Learn More »
Early Out / Pre-Collection
Streamline your accounts receivable management and save money. Pre-collection is an “early out” collection program that lets you collect on accounts regardless of the balance due, where your customer is located, or how long the account has been delinquent while paying only one flat fee for our service.... Learn More »
Medical Debt Resolution
We want to help your patients resolve their accounts responsibly. Quality of service and caring about your reputation. Both have been at the forefront of A-1 Collection Service’s performance-focused strategies for hospital systems and physicians’ practices for more than 30 years..... Learn More »
Consumer Collections
Not all past-due accounts can be resolved easily. Whether it’s a pattern of delinquency, a refusal to pay, or other equally-challenging roadblock, A-1 Collection Service can help. Our performance-focused strategies, respect for people, and investment in technology has allowed us to set a new standard for debt resolution grounded in compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA.)... Learn More »
Commercial Collections
Businesses are accumulating debt at an alarmingly rapid rate. And more than ever before, many U.S. businesses are filing for bankruptcy. At A-1 Collection Service, we want to help you recover your past-due accounts before another company’s financial loss becomes yours.... Learn More »
One Time A/R Cleanup – Backlogs
Don’t transfer old accounts to a new system. If you have a backlog of uncollectible accounts, don’t push them forward to a new system or write them off entirely. Utilize A-1 Collection Service’s program for improving cash flow. Put our professional collectors to work for you.... Learn More »
An important part of third-party collection services. Often thought of as a “last resort,” A-1 Collection Service will only recommend legal action to you when all other means of resolving the debt have been exhausted, and when there are sufficient assets to warrant legal action. In fact, because we’re so selective in determining which cases to pursue, our recovery rate is over 50%.... Learn More »

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A customer is the most important person in any business. We have an ever growing list of satisfied customers.

“We have been doing business with A-1 Collection Service for over 20 years. During that time, we have always felt that your company has acted in a very professional manner. Your customer service has been excellent. We have always enjoyed a good rapport with your employees and management and have been…

-- Medical Center